Building Program Capacity

We bring the public health evidence to guide your planning, strategy development, implementation/evaluation, and staff collaboration dynamics.  Your interventions will be more focused, opportunistic, and powerful.  We can match our assistance to your level of need: from driving, to guiding, to merely advising.

Strategic Planning

Strategy and Action

Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive planning approach.  We begin with inquiry and assessment, then we synthesize the information, and help you prioritize where it matters.

Staff Development

Multi-Generational Teams

There are multiple generations in the workplace, and we can help enhance your team dynamics.  We use a combination of assessment, coaching, and retreats to ensure differences are respected and collaboration is developed.

Events & Meetings

Concept, Theme, Logistics

Successful meetings need thoughtful planning.  We can help you improve the results of your meetings and events by focusing on the purpose, content, and time management.  Our team can also provide neutral facilitation for meetings to ensure different perspectives are adequately considered.