Governance and Organizational Strategies

Healthy living can only happen in healthy communities.  We specialize in improving governance systems, physical environments, and cultural norms – the building blocks of our communities.  Our team applies systems thinking that is informed by public and private policy.  We can help you assess systems, identify leverage points, and develop interventions.  Your team will learn new skills along the way.

Systems Change for HealthTM


Since 2006, this nationally recognized curriculum has been taught in over 40 states (see map).  Public health professionals and their partners choose from several 2-day courses to learn skills to influence governance and organizational systems.  Some organizations have enrolled their staff in the entire set of courses.  For more information on our curriculum, VISIT OUR WEBSITE.

Systems Thinking


We can help your team use systems thinking to create an intervention map.  Together we label the key system components and their relationships.  The goal is to identify change opportunities with maximum leverage.