We can help you tackle the complex, public health problems facing our world. Our unique approach uses a systems perspective grounded in evidence from public health research.  Our work is tailored for each client to build their capacity for sustained progress.



Discover our Expertise


Systems Change

Governance and Organizational Strategies

Healthy living can only happen in healthy communities.  We specialize in improving governance systems, physical environments, and cultural norms – the building blocks of our communities.  Our team applies systems thinking that is informed by public and private policy.  We can help you assess systems, identify leverage points, and develop interventions.  (Read more . . . .)


Training & TA

Strengthening the Workforce

With over 20 years of experience, we can develop curriculum to fit your needs.  Our dynamic, master trainers specialize in adult-learning methods, so each training event is insightful and grounded in your projects.  We back up our training with tailored technical assistance to ensure your team can implement what they learned.  (Read more . . . .)


Planning & Implementation

Building Program Capacity

We bring the public health evidence to guide your planning, strategy development, implementation/evaluation, and staff collaboration dynamics.  Your interventions will be more focused, opportunistic, and powerful.  We can match our assistance to your level of need: from driving, to guiding, to merely advising.  (Read more . . . .)


Assessment & Evaluation

Identifying Needs, Documenting Process, Monitoring Outcomes

Organizations and agencies can benefit from an external perspective when conducting needs assessment or evaluation.  We have experience assessing complex governmental agency systems that can inform structural solutions.  Our “program stage of development” has been used by organizations to assess their readiness for program implementation.  We also specialize in designing outcome monitoring projects that are feasible for non-research teams to implement.  (Read more. . . .)